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Bulgaria offers plenty of activities for families with children, with seaside and skiing resorts catering to the needs of all ages. There are also zoos and dolphin shows in the main cities and Sofia has a new, attractive amusement park.


The Black sea is home to many fine beach resorts, most of them very child friendly. Sunny Beach is particularly popular with families and provides 24 hour day care facilities. The resort further offers children’s pools, merry go-rounds, pony riding, kid’s discos and electronic games for those who are unable to leave modern technology at home. Skilled instructors can teach the young ones a new sport or they can go on a day outing with Robinson Crusoe and his Man Friday, a 40 minute boat tour to a deserted island where they meet the two castaways and then play games on the beach.


Dolphin show
The Dolphinarium is located in the northern part of Varna Seaside Park. Seating 1,134 spectators, the show includes acrobatics, balance acts, music and dolphin dances. The shows last 30 minutes and are performed by dolphins of the breed tursiops truncatos. The Dolphinarium café gives guests an opportunity to watch dolphins play underwater.


Bulgarian ski resorts are extremely child friendly and many offer special deals for families who book in advance. There are Ski Kindergartens, organised locally, where young children get their own ski coaching and are looked after while their parents enjoy skiing by themselves. In Borovets, a nursery is provided for the very young.


Sofia Zoo was founded in 1888 and is the oldest and largest on the Balkan Peninsula. The zoo is home to a large variety of species, including many mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. Some of the more popular species include the Black Panther, the lama, the hippopotamus, the leopard gecko, the green iguana and the yellow anaconda. The most child friendly attraction in the zoo is the contact zone; this is where the visitors can make direct contact with tame animals. Here, children and adults can touch, pet and even feed animals such as goats, rabbits, ponies, ducks and geese.

The Exotic Zoo in Varna is home to the most diverse and unique collection of terrarium animals in Bulgaria.



If you are interested in participating in some sporting activities during your holiday, a wide range of options awaits you. On an area of 111,000 square kms there are four major mountain regions with an altitude of up to 2,925ms. There is a well-developed skiing infrastructure and all ski resorts have fine lift networks, virgin nature and lots of snow and sun. The three major Bulgarian ski resorts are Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo.


The Black Sea offers great conditions for fans of windsurfing. Several windsurfing competitions take place every year. There are several windsurfing clubs along the Black Sea shores that have training and quality equipment for rent. The sea is warm sunny days are plentiful. Wind speed varies and is generally higher in the late afternoon.


Bulgaria is home to no less than 4,620 caves, providing an opportunity to experience a unique natural environment, distinct from any other. Each of the caves has their own story to tell and most of them have already been explored and are accessible to visitors. Traces of pre-historical life have been found in many caves.


Horseback riding in Bulgaria provides a unique experience, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. Five Bulgarian mountains: Rila Mountains, Strandja Mountains, Rhodope Mountains, Pirin Mountains and the Balkan Range offer varied support and excellent itineraries for horse riding.


Bulgaria has a large variety of exciting rivers, which in spring and early summer offer great conditions for white-water kayaking. There are also a number of wonderful lakes in the country’s southern part, in the Rhodopes, which offer canoe or kayak tours in beautiful scenery. The great diversity on the Bulgarian coast also invites visitors to try sea kayaking.


Bulgaria provides a literally infinite potential for hiking activities. Hikers can enjoy some of Europe’s most stunning highland panoramas in the Rila, Balkan Range, Pirin, Sredna Gora and Rhodope Mountains, which offer spectacular peaks and glacial lakes, lush meadows by clear streams and forested valleys. There are also wonderful gorges and caves, century-old pine and oak tress as well as beech woodlands. Hundreds of trails and a huge range of routes offer a wealth of exploration opportunities. Bulgaria’s mountains also boast an exceptionally rich wildlife, flora and fauna, which are protected in three national parks and 11 nature parks as well as countless reserves.


For the more adventurous, Bulgaria’s mountainous terrain offers fine opportunities for rock climbing. Experienced climbers can find various rock formations in the mountain ranges, which are divided into a number of climbing areas. The most popular sites and those that are used for training are secured with special safety wedges providing a very high safety degree.

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